Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday miscellany

The crying conundrum, Halle Berry's Jewish nose gaffe and Bolivian prostitutes protest (Dollymix)

Turkey blames US Jews for genocide bill (Jerusalem Post)

Holocaust Denial and the French Ultra-Left (Infoshop News)

The Max Rayne school, where Arab and Jewish children study together (Independent)

Assimilation and the Jewish Radical, on Mark Rudd of the SDS (New Voices)

Acknowledgements: Jogo and Arieh

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The Contentious Centrist said...

Bob, this is another rambling comment:

It's a strange phenomenon, Jewish noses. In Israel, where 80% of the population are Jews, what is known as a "Jewish nose" is a rarity. Either Diaspora Jews are more prone to this affliction, or maybe it's just an aesthetic prejudice whose time has come to be challenged?

When I was a student here in Canada, two of my profs turned out to be Jewish, after years that I'd studied with them. When I told them I was unaware of it, they both asked (respectively): How could you not see this nose?!!

On another occasion, I was participating in a seminar in which identities were discussed and Madeleine Albright's name came up. We wondered how she could get to be middle-aged, have Jewish cousins, and still not know that she was born Jewish. The prof animating the discussion then jumped in: All she needed to do was look in the mirror...

Actually, the two incidents I'm talking about reflect and bounce off each other. If you say I have green eyes, then I must have green eyes, even though the mirror tells me otherwise. Don't you think?

What I find quite remarkable is why in the more egregious Arab media Jews are caricatured as exaggeratedly hook-nosed. It could be that in harvesting Der Stürmer for Jew-baiting ideas the artists so identified with Aryan aesthetics that they obliterated their own identity, in the process. There must be a psychological term for that, somewhere :-)