Jogo on the 9/11 Truth Cult and the storming of Bill Maher's show

Jogo writes:

This is the video of the now-famous Bill Maher HBO show where disruptive 9/11 Conspiracy protesters were kicked out.

It's a funny moment -- and Bill Maher shows his considerable mettle -- but it is also shocking.

* The 9/11 Conspiracy people are not merely "lunatic fringe," like Code Pink -- they are actual lunatics. Truly mad. And they're getting more numerous, more organized, more bold. 9/11 Conspiracy is a kind of cult.

* I hate to say it, but Ron Paul is the Dr. Frankenstein of these lunatics. They would exist without Ron Paul, but Ron Paul has become a kind of Pat Robertson for them.

* You cannot call 9/11-Conspiracy thinking "leftist" because it infects the whole spectrum of politics, and is found in extreme rightwing people, Evil Jew-conspiracy people, all sorts of people. But, in whomever believes it, it is a product of Bush Derangement Syndrome. And one should ask: which political interests and goals -- at this present political moment in America -- does 9/11-Conspiracy serve? Practically speaking, it serves the ANSWER, anarchist, extreme anti-globalist, et. al. agendas. And that is something to ponder in terms of who -- mostly -- is undermining the American civic body It is not Ann Coulter, it is not Bill O'Reilly. It is not even Fred Phelps.

Bob adds:

Personally, I'm not sure whose agenda the Truth Cult serves. Basically, I think, in a perverse way it serves the status quo, because as long as people identify imaginary conspiracies as the source of our political problems, there will be no positive change. But it also serves to create a pool of potential recruits and useful idiots for a range of non-mainstream positions: the right-wing paleo-libertarianism of Ron Paul/Justin Raimondo, the left-wing sects like ANSWER, and the "anti-globalization" movement more generally.

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what I don't understand there is a plenitude of shit US foreign policies of the past have and had on the stick, so I see no reason to come up with fucked up conspiracy theories.

I agree that some believe it's a Jewish Mossad thing or the US blew it up themselves, in fact I have heard one man taking that stance at a talk not so long ago.

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