And now closer still

Here's another round-up. Imp-possessed people for Obama, with qualifications. Republican war crime perpetrators for Obama. Scary people for Obama. Smart right-of-centre types for Obama. Alaskan American-haters for Palin. Reagan speech-writers cum West Wing consultants against Palin. Liberal internationalist Eustonites for Obama. Might add more later. OK, here's one more. The real McCain and the one we've got.


kellie said…
I couldn't bear it anymore, so I turned to the last page. You'll never guess . . .
Ayatollahs for Obama:

"Safavi also said that a victory by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would pave the way for dialogue with Washington, while a John McCain presidency would bolster Iran's extreme right, which opposes dialogue. If conditions are favorable following the U.S. election, he said, Iran could draw back from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declaration that "the nuclear case is closed," and put it back on the agenda. "