Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Anti-Racists against Anti-Zionists

Anti-Racists against Anti-Zionists: A newish blog, mining some similar territory to that which I mine.

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The Contentious Centrist said...

This quote from said blog:

"Greenstein has used the example Polkes of the Zionist movement working with the Nazis. What Greeenstein does not reveal is that it emerged in a subsequent interview with Polkes that the Haganah did not favour Polkes trip to Berlin. Shaul Avigur from Haganah's illegal immigration department also confirmed that Polkes's trip not requested by the Haganah. And as Nicosia comments, Polkes's brief encounter with Eichmann "came under severe criticism within the Haganah after his return to Palestine, and he was eventually relieved of his responsibilities in the organization."

I was immediately struck by a resemblance to the current debate taking place between Obama and McCain about sitting down to talk to one's mortal enemies without any pre-conditions. Even though Obama has modified his "without pre-conditions" condition, he has not yet provided a plausible alternative to the almost certain non-results of trying to talk sense with the Iranian regime.

In view of the entrenched meme such a venture has become in the so-called "anti-racist" school (Zionists complicit with Nazis), perhaps he might get some idea of how such a policy might be remembered by history once the revisionists get their hands on it.

As it happens, the mainstream Yishuv did not encourage such contacts. The contacts yielded nothing but the seeds for future revisionism and further defamation of Zionism, and not one Jew was saved by such an initiative.

History is always playing hide and seek with us, so that we don't recognize such dangers when they confront us headlong, because they are dressed in such different garb.

Hatima Tova!