Thursday, October 02, 2008

Top leftists

Iain Dale's idea of what constitutes a "leftist" is rather different than mine. But, as Paul Stott says, Like a stopped clock, Iain Dale is right twice a day. These are from his "top hundred left-wingers".


Respect Councillor

Though many would say she does not deserve to be on a list of lefties at all, being more at home with totalitarianism than democracy, Yacoub is about all that is left of the Respect Coalition after its egos exploded in division and widespread derision – staying loyal to Galloway and working as a councilor in Birmingham. Respect might still deprive Labour of a few seats and contribute to the election of a Conservative government.

70. (-5) CLAIRE FOX

Director, Institute of Ideas

Is she left wing or right wing? Having spent twenty years in the Revolutionary Communist Party you'd think the former, but she's a stout defender of freedom of speech and small government. Her controversial views have led to a burgeoning career in media punditry. [Bob says: If Claire Fox is "left-wing", so is Boris Johnson's advisor Munira Mirza, and half the rest of the RCP sleepers running the Tory party these days...]


Minister for Europe

Jim Murphy is widely thought to have performed well in his current office, despite the disasters of the Lisbon Treaty. He is a good bet for Cabinet promotion if and when there is a reshuffle. A calm and reassuring media performer. [Bob says: I don't like many politicians, but I like Jim Murphy.]


Chair, Commission for Equality & Human Rights Phillips's new position gives him sweeping powers and influence and has led to him being dubbed the "Political Correctness Czar". A great survivor, he has developed some well thought out views on the failures of multiculturalism which have made him enemies on the left. [Bob says: I guess sometimes being politically incorrect is being politically correct, and vice versa.]


ModernityBlog said...

he's having a laugh?

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland "


what a joke

ross said...

what a bizarre list (even after discounting the obvious shite)

alan sugar

john 'outsource everything' hutton

george 'bring on the recession' monbiot

caroline 'get a job or lose your council house' flint

Waterloo Sunset said...

Heh. I used to know Jim Murphy. One of the very few new Labour types with a genuine committment to anti-fascism. Sadly, I suspect all of my personal anecdotes about him are ones that Gordon Brown would frown on...

bob said...

Now I'm curious for Jim Murphy anecdotes... As for Alan Sugar, I quite liked the fact he turned up as one of the faces of the left, certainly not how I'd pictured him previously...

Little Richardjohn said...

This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

'The British education system is radically unsound'.