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Reading the Maps: Why is Radio Live spreading anti-semitic lies?

Update, Friday:
Reading the Maps: Who got hung, Karyn?

Also see Engage (h/t Mira, comments below)


Anonymous said…
Bob You have to accept that in all factions of life there are the good and the bad and that goes for the Jewish as well and they have to stop hiding behind the anti semetic thing to stop people raising their concerns
I have heard Jewish people rubbishing Chrisitians and thats ok thats allowed. What bullshit. Read this.
bob said…
I've left this all day before replying, so I didn't reply in an intemperate fashion, and to decide whether to simply delete the comment.

Of course in all "factions of life", in all ethnic groups, there is good and bad and mixed up and everything in between. There are Jews, for example, who are racist and Jews who hate Christians. I have heard all sorts of people (occassionally, but less frequently, Jews) "rubbishing Christians".

Rubbishing Christians, though, is not the same as saying something racist. Racism is, to me, unacceptable, whoever gives it voice.

The website you point us to is a racist website. There is a form of racism - which says that Jews (or "Zionists") control the world - that seems to appeal to people who like to think they are anti-racist, but it is racist nonetheless.

There are people who like to hide this racism behind a defence of free speech, and claim that you can't attack Israel (or "raise their concerns") these days without being called antisemitic. However, if you can give me one single example of someone making a non-racist criticism of Israel being called antisemitic by someone non-marginal, by someone who represents the mainstream of Jewish society.

Incidentally, the Harold Wallace Rosenthal "interview" you pass on - published by a Nazi group after Rosenthal's death at the hands of the PLO, the tape of which has never been released - is an obvious hoax. A brief glance at the language (e.g. "It is Zionist-Communist policy from beginning to end. Yet the citizens think this Jewish policy will benefit America.") would be enough for any sane person to know it is a fake, more amauterish than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
"Bob You have to accept that in all factions of life there are the good and the bad and that goes for the Jewish as well..."

Anon starts by making a universally acknowledged truth, but then undoes his own statement by claiming and providing "proof" that Jews are actually all bad.

I hope, Bob, you are not giving this person the benefit of any doubt. Obviously, he/she thinks that antisemitism can pass for a legitimate criticism of Israel and nobody will notice.

Here is a rationale for how this person's worldview, exemplified in the link he offers, works out:
Anonymous said…
Engage linked to this story you found, and one of the Radio Live presenters has left us a commente.
Anonymous said…
Bob Rubbishing Christians, though, is not the same as saying something racist. Racism is, to me, unacceptable, whoever gives it voice.

Who was saying racist things?

The Contentious Centrist

Your an idiot. I never said that ALL Jews are actually bad why do you think I started my comment by saying that there is good and bad in all factions of life in all races all religions. So stop shit stirring. There are even Jews that know there is a faction of Jews causing a lot of trouble for the world and they are really satanists. Go to this link below they are true Jewish. They care about all people.
bob said…
I am not giving Anonymous the benefit of any doubt. I do not like giving antisemites and racists any air time, and was going to delete the personally offensive second post, but I thought that it is better to let others see Anon's true colours.

The link from Anon's second post, by the way, is to the Neturei Karta, anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox Jews. As well as hanging out with Hamas and giving ideological cover to Jew-haters ("see, some of my best friends are Jews"), these folks stone people in Jerusalem for driving on the Sabbath. I once thought they were cool. A link from someone who also links to that crypto-Nazi blog is the final nail in my regard for them.
" I once thought they were cool. "

I've met similar folks here not too long ago.
Anonymous said…
NK and the "real Jews are not Zionists" meme is rather played out at this point.

Had a look at the "Just another inside job" blog and it was just as I suspected, loads of conspiracy mongering antisemitism.
Anonymous said…
Oh, if you want a prominent Jew, a mainstream one, attacking someone as an anti-Semite [sic] for criticising the Zionist entity, do you remember this (taken from Wikipedia, but I do remember the story appearing also in more reputable sources:

"In September 2005, Barenboim refused to be interviewed by uniformed Israel Army Radio reporter Dafna Arad, considering the wearing of the uniform insensitive to the Palestinians present. Then Israeli Minister of Education, Limor Livnat (Likud), was quoted as describing Barenboim as "a real Jew hater" and "a real anti-semite"."

This is only the most egregious of such slurs.

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