Left antisemitism and its deniers

Matt at Ignoblus takes up the Indymedia item noted here. He rightly questions my characterisation of the less virulently anti-Zionist poster as "more sensible": more sensible only in a very poor field. He concludes that, in these circles,
to oppose antisemitism is understood as 'coming out' as a Jew. Like a straight guy who won't put up with homophobic jokes. The explanation is that the straight guy is gay. Or the anti-racist who becomes a "nigger-lover." Whether antisemites use the straightforward "Jew" or the more circumspect "Zionazi" doesn't much matter - that dynamic is more important.
A variation, in other words, of the Livingstone formulation.


At Anti-German's comments, Contested Terrain brings more bad news from Austria (and more bad moderation from Indymedia NYC).


Shalom Lappin at Normblog: Therapists to the Jews: Psychologizing the 'Jewish Question' (on Caryl Churchill, Jacqueline Rose and Tony Lerman).

Norman Geras on Marx's undeniable antisemitism.

Anti-German Translation: resources against left antisemitism.

Carol Gould's groundhog day: British journalists for Palestine. (h/t Jogo)


as mentioned before, i´m not sure if it´s bad moderation or bad moderator. probably a mixture of the two.
at this point we´re being told that the reason it´s ok to laugh about the recent assault on holocaust survivors in austria is because sigmung freud was supposedly critical of zionism.
it´s all very illuminating over on IMC-NYC.