Quickly now

Some quick links:

Noga on Roma rights in Hungary (plus more here).

La Brigada with an evocative typo.

Rosie on Seven Jewish Children, and taking us back to the 1930s.

Just got around to listening to the mp3 of a prank caller to the BNP, which David Herman linked to in a HP comment thread, found via the Modster. The BNP like to present themselves as shiny new nice people, but they are deeply fascist through and through. This guy, for example, says we are all the slaves of "the Jews", that we might need concentration camps if voluntary repatriation of immigrants doesn't work and that the Holocaust was a hoax. The way I think of the BNP is esoteric/exoteric - all housing concerns and "are you thinking what we're thinking" on the outside, but you don't have to scratch too deep to get to the genocidal conspirationist madness at the core.

Ronald Radosh on "academic freedom" (criticising Alan Wolfe's defense of William I. Robinson's Gaza=Warsaw Ghetto analogy e-mail) and on folk-songer Bob Cohen on Stalinist Pete Seeger. [h/t Jogo]

On the "neverthelessery" we looked at already, Modernity spots a particularly bad example at Jim's place.


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