I'm stealing Jim's formula for this post, minus the YouTube, so I'll start off with two links to him:
OK, here is a YouTube actually. And it's not Pete Seeger. Mavis Staples. The guitar is Ry Cooder. One of my son's favourite songs.


Graeme said…
Worth noting: Jean-Marie Le Pen is Dieudonné's daughter's godfather. Anti-zionist, aye, because the man hates Jews. There's a decent enough editorial about Dieudonné's antisemitism and the reaction to it in Quebec (there isn't really a reaction to it, which is the problem) here.
Jim Jepps said…
Do you know the story behind the swastika? It seems like an utterly bizarre thing to be on a school notice board - I thought it might be a history display?
Bob said…
Yes, it's a history classroom. I think the kids did projects. There's a Tudor display, a knights display, a Roman display... and a Nazi display.
Graeme said…
More on Dieudonné here.
Anonymous said…
more information and some background on Dieudonné here (the article is from late 2007, but is still worth a read):


(h/t to contested terrain, whose site, by the way, is an excellent resource, so hat tip to you bob for listed it in your blogroll)
Bob said…
Thanks G & Anon.

Here's the link to CT (for some reason, I thought I'd already linked to it!)
Anti-Racist antisemitism? | Contested Terrain. Click "Laugh Riots" for the New Yorker piece.