Friday, May 15, 2009

Red, green, black

Red Maria at the Dolphinarium (a fellow contrarian) reports on an outrageous deportation, on left bloggery about Strangers into Citizens, and about patriotism in strange places ("a rather diverting thread over at Socialist Unity, where the well-intentioned but ever so slightly priggish Andy Newman uses a book review as a springboard for launching into a prolonged bout of patriotic mysticism, apparently prompted by a walk in the countryside"). Also here on Hope Not Hate's campaign against the BNP.


Green Ladywell councillor Sue Luxton on a local meeting about the Sri Lankan situation. Good for Sue for raising this important issue.


Following my brush with the anarcho-nationalists at Anarkismo: after Anti-German's noting of a judenrein hotel in Austria (noted here), Contested Terrain posted it to Indymedia NYC, where anti-Zionist nutjobs take the opportunity to slag off Jews. Sample:
"Hey you Zionazi shit. Its not like anyone here visits Austria or intends to visit Austria, or we are going to want to stay in that crummy hotel. Nor we are unaware, the reason you post this is to digress from the fact you are an zioracist apologist for ethnic cleansing and terror. Or that you attempt to defile the Jewish religion, by using it as justification for your racism. Slime back down to the LGF sewer."
A more sensible poster comments:
hey indymedia, this is why no one gives a shit about this site! for the millionth time, anti semitism (or provacteur bullshit like this, which amounts to the same thing and means you are actually probably also doing free pr for israel's foreign policy by letting it be posted)

[antisemitism] does exist, independent of whatever israel does or does not do, existed before israel and is as bad as racism in addition to dumbing down and poisoning the well for any kind of intelligent political debate. THIS IS WHAT WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN unless you take a stance on it, like I assume you would if someone wrote "who cares if a bunch of fag niggers got fired from a hotel". )
Sadly, it goes without saying that no moderator has yet removed the racist comments, after four days.


Incidentally, for the anarcho-nationalists of Anarkismo, one of the received truths is that Zionism is an imperialist project. Earlier this month marked the 88th anniversary of the Jaffa riots, in which Yosef Haim Brenner was murdered. Point of No Return highlights British imperialist complicity in the anti-Zionist violence.


A good round-up of posts from the TNC, including a link to Roland's demolition of Abe Greenwald at Commentary and his premature obituary for liberal hawks. Roland also has his own obituary: for the American Green Party, focusing on Cynthia McKinney, the Ron Paul of the left. He writes:
I worked as a regional campaign manager for the Green Party during the 2000 election, and it disappoints me to see how far the Party has fallen into extremism and paranoia since then. Making the repulsive Cynthia McKinney their presidential pick was the final nail in the coffin, and they seem unable to back away from this woman and her nutty ideas. She continues to write her Alex Jones worthy diatribes on the Green Party's official website, making her words indistinguishable from the organization as a whole.

I can only imagine what some old comrades of mine who happened to stay with the party after 9/11 think of it now.
I had a look at the latest Cynthia skreed. Quoting Matthias Chang, leading Bilderberg nut, the man who wrote The Zionist Anglo-American Empire Meltdown. Talking about finance capital and the shadow money lenders, notably all examples having names like Rothschild and Greenspan... They don't call it the socialism of fools for nothing.

I can't believe this woman was ever elected to Congress, that the Green Party would want someone like her to represent them. Not to mention that the British Green Left continues to endorse her, when even (should I say even?) Andy Newman can see she's lost the plot. Among other things, by the way, McKinney thinks that Zimbabwe is a "stable democracy"...

Snoopy comments:
I think that the lack of socialized health services in US is to blame. In many other places she would have been certified and put in a padded room a lot of time ago ;-)


TNC said...

Thanks for the link.

Indymedia is a shouting match between the dumb and dumber left.

The Contentious Centrist said...

Bob: a personal note, a-propo the Jaffa riots and YH Brenner: I went to YH Brenner high school in Petach-Tiqva. It was one of the two best high schools in the town, the other being "Ahad ha'am", (attended by my best friend Liora who later went to Italy to study medicine, married an Italian whose last name was Paganini). Brenner's school uniform was navy blue and light blue, Ahad Ha'am's was yellow and black. In our last year we were allowed to wear blue jeans instead of the uniform blue pants, with the stipulation that they be blue (not stone washed or whatever) and well-pressed.

bob said...

Noga, thank you. Oddly, I was thinking of you as I was browsing through The Point of No Return, and wondering what you thought of the recent Rachel Shabi kerfuffle, also highlighted by your buddy Mick H.

The Contentious Centrist said...

I left three comments on Z-word when they first posted about Shabi:

bob said...

Thanks CC. I missed that discussion. I think I was away then. Very interesting. Clickable link: A Divisive Book.

I also missed TNC's post on it: Rachel Shabi and “Israel’s humiliating discrimination against Arab Jews”.

(When is Blogger going to catch up with wordpress and make comment links clickable?!)

contested-terrain said...

the thing is, the comment from "Judaism is not Zionism" is most likely the moderator. And the comment you praised, which criticized it has been removed.

Indymedia has been criticized for its lax policy on moderating antisemitic trash on the open publishing forum. but what's also problematic is that their is no form of accountability for the moderators who post antisemitic comments, or delete or hide at will whatever they disagree with.
i have had a few run ins with the person who posts antisemitic comments under the name "Judaism is not Zionism," and I tried to document it here here. but, like i said, the lack of accountability in the indymedia structure really prevents being able to track it. and it is therefore also a waste of time replying to in, because the comments just get erased.
Similar incidents occurred on the UK Indymedia site, where a moderator was hiding texts about antisemitism, supposedly because they were irrelevant to the IMC project. Here is the link to the hidden posts discussion amongst the moderators of UK Indymedia: