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Just a quick Iran post today. Via Paul Stott, I came across Anonymous Iran, a notice board created, apparently, by the folks who brought us Pirate Bay. A lot of the stuff, posted by anonymous folks, is pure rubbish, gossip, panic, conspiracy, etc. Key posts are kept sticky at the top of each section. There are useful sections on keeping internet anonymity in Iran, on protest advice, and on missing persons. And there is a news section, with a news feed from the mainstream press and, more important, the Green Brief, Josh Shahryar's summary of carefully selected Twitter feeds. Here is yesterday's Green Brief, no.15, and here is well-informed blogger Scott Lucas reporting on how much of the Green Brief can be verified, and here are Lucas' own reports. To summarise all these reports, the uprising is continuing, violent repression is deepening, reports of mass summary executions are probably false.


ModernityBlog said…
Read a report today, forget which news site, about 6 prisoners in Evin prison being hanged.

I think the regime has and is cracking down, with a murders used to frighten the wider movement against an uprising again.
Entdinglichung said…
there are more reports about planned killings tomorrow: &
bob said…
Thanks. Here are clickable links:

Worker-communist Party of Iran: 29 people to be executed tomorrow in Karaj, Iran

Six people were executed in Qom. 29 people scheduled to be executed in Tehran. - Iran Human Rights

Just to be clear, it certainly seems that executions are going on. However, there have been rumours of larger numbers of hangings, as in this post to Anonymous Iran:

Latest tweets = They're hanging hundreds of Iranian demostrators in the streets!Iran's gov is looking for war,they want to end like Iraq!#iranelection

Is this true?

To which the moderator replies:

This rumour, which has been floating around for a couple of days, has failed to produce any evidence whatsoever, even as hearsay from known reliable Iranians - it is almost certainly false. A related story of six hangings in Iran appears unrelated to the elections.

I'm a bit unclear about the two different reports of 29 executions tomorrow, which seem to refer to two different prisons. Is that right?

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