Total Politics: vote late, vote often

I was very pleased to be included in Carl Packman's nominations for the Total Politics Top 100 thing, which you should go and vote (for me) in post-haste and certainly before midnight tomorrow, the voting deadline. I'm in good company in his list. Well, I'd rather not share space with the King of Blogging himself, but he's obviously premier league, other are most of Carl's other suggestions, so that's nice. I'm not telling you who I voted for (apart from myself obviously).

I'm adding Carl to the blogroll, and recommend this post on talking to the Taliban, which addresses some of the issues I took issue with here and here. I recommend this post on Atlee for today (also in a different version at LibCon.) He's got a bit of Zizek and theology, but it's over my head - except maybe this one, which chimes with my worldview.

I also have another almost endorsement from Left Outside, where I make the top 24.


Kenny said…
It is only a silly magazine.
Anonymous said…

Of course, but its kind of fun, and where else do you get to vote for your faves.


Thank you very much for your recommendations. See if you like this one on Zizek and theology while you're at it
Frank Partisan said…
Atleast I moved the Carnival of Socialism out of the UK once.

I've been seeing faces of the UK bloggers on where else but Facebook.

I think the Frankfurt School is purposely confusing.
bob said…
Carl (or @Carl as you young folks say), I will read your longer Zizek piece, which may also be over my head. A very, very superficial glance at it makes me think that Zizek's argument about Paul undermines the notion of the "Judeo-Christian", a category I notice you using in another Zizek post. I found that notion problematic, as there is so much more that separates Judaism and Christianity than unites them.

@Renegade, I'm not sure of where the Frankfurt school fits in. Zizek is not very Frankfurty. I think he is purposefully confusing at times. I'm not sure they were. By the way, I liked your non-UK-centric carnival.

(P.s. Writing as a Facebook and Twitter virgin.)
ModernityBlog said…
Yeah Eye,

it is a bit peculiar that the Carnival of Socialism is largely defined in terms of the geographic states and not Internationalism?

I am sure that socialists will catch up with globalism in about 50-80 years time :)

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