Peace, Justice and Solidarity?

In my own backyard - well, in Catford's Mountsfield Park - Saturday week (the 11th July) will see the annual municipal shindig, Lewisham People's Day. Some of the highlights include the wonderful Brockley Ukelele Group, the excellent veteran Deptford reggae band Harare Dread, the cheery jazz-funk of the James Taylor Quartet.

But what's this in the Yellow Area? The new Peace Justice and Solidarity Marquee, according to an e-mail in my inbox, will be "a great chance to hear about progressve campaigns in the area." A screening of Who Shot the Sheriff?, a quite good SWP propoganda job telling the story of Rock Against Racism, well worth a watch if you've not seen it. Film Reel News reports on Visteon and Waterford Glass factory occupations and Justice for Ian Tomlinson campaign - might be good. Local folk singer Jim Radford - I've never heard him, but am told he's quite a character. Oh, and a staging of Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children (or, as this pro-"peace" website bizarrely calls it, Seven Jewish Women.

If you don't know what Seven Jewish Children is, read this, this, this, or this.

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Ken Brown said…
You want to hear Jim sing if you can! He was great on the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I used to see him quite often at a session we both used to attend on Mondays at the Duke of Edinburgh at Lee Green - I guess about five or six years ago or more.

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