From Jogo:

Chomsky, like Pinter, is a bad man. It is appalling and shocking that he looms so high -- Christ-like -- in the elites' Pantheon. Commieprofs worship him. As for the young, there is hardly a college student, or indie-musician or fan, or film actor, who doesn't revere Chomsky. One of the things I hate most about Chomsky is his implacable coldness, his seeming lack of humanity, his single-minded pursuit of his intellectual goals, having apparently no other interests in life. A pathetic man ... yet dangerous.

Another very wicked, malicious, horrible man with terrible values who is revered on the Left -- again, Christ-like is not too strong a word -- is Tony Serra, the defense lawyer. Do you know about him? In my opinion, he is such a bad man that I would rather make my own defense of myself in court than have him as my lawyer. I would die of shame if Tony Serra turned out to be my lawyer (say, if I were incompetent, and Leftist friends engaged him on my behalf).

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Anonymous said…
Chomsky's "implacable coldness", his "seeming lack of humanity" -

Huh? I guess he does tend to drone on in that devastating monotone, but I've never heard anyone call him cold. And if Chomky has a "lack of humanity," the rest of humankind might as well pack up and move to hell.

Who is this guy anyway? Has he ever met Chomsky?

"his single-minded pursuit of his intellectual goals"

Hmm. Would Jogo prefer single-minded pursuit of commerical goals? Is this really the best dirt he can come up with? How about Jew-hater, Khmer Rouge lover, and the rest? How trite!
Anonymous said…
Dang. Jogo's your guest blogger. Sorry Bob - wasn't paying attention.
bob said…
Raven,I've got a post half-drafted trying to answer this point (and another one, by the way, on your question on anti-semitism in Britain). Hopefully be there next week. I'm off home for the weekend now


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