Sudan: slow motion genocide

Essential reading: Reuters' excellent humanitarian news service, AlertNet, has conducted a poll of aid experts and journalists, asking where in the world is most dangerous for children. Sudan came out as the worst. Click here for some harrowing facts about displacement, rape, conscription into child armies. Click around the links for some more.

The issue of Sudan comes in and out of fashion with our media, so this poll should hopefully get it back on the agenda. You can join the debate here, or via Global Voices here.

Meanwhile, the US, Israel, India, Pakistan, and those bastions of freedom Cuba and Iran have scuppered an already watered down proposal from Britain* and Kenya to control the trade in the small arms - "WMDs in slow motion" - that are responsible for so many of the deaths in Sudan, DR Congo and other places where children bear the brunt of stupid civil wars.

(*Brownie point for the Blair/Brown government, who I believe actually do care about Africa.)

Jeff Weintraub has a must-read excellent post on the "slow motion genocide" that is Darfur, asking: What happened to the genocide convention?

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