The Israeli ban on Palestinian students

ENGAGE is leading opposition to the outrageous ban on Palestinian students attending Israeli universities. Calls to boycott Israeli Jewish academics (apart from those who pass a McCarthyite political test) are a viscious attack on academic freedom. But de jure or de facto bans of Palestinians from Israeli universities are a much more serious attack on academic freedom. Engage are to be congratulated for bringing this to wider attention in the UK.

Their post gives some practical suggestions for solidarity.

The Israeli universities are also taking a strong stand on this issue. See here.


Anonymous said…
I listend to Reshit bet (Israeli Talk radio like BBC Radio 4) about a week ago. A ferocious reporter slaughtered the person who was for the upholding of a decision that a female student with a BSC and an MSC in Chemistry from the Hebrew University should be stopped from doing a PhD on grounds that she could become a biological warfare engineer for Palestinians...

As usual when the UK media hits the ground with these news, they are missing the fact that many in Israel disagree. You point this out rightly by showing that about half of all students and lectureres (sadly not all of course) take the other point of view. Sadly though it appears that sometimes they should not loud enough, or simply lack any real real-political power (partially because of the neutralization of a non interested foreign media).

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