Ordinary Muslims against the Newham mega-mosque

[Links fixed Nov 30]

Check this: Islamophobia Watch - Home - 'Muslims oppose building of huge mosque' - A report on the opposition by the Sunni Friends of Newham to the building of the so-called Mega-Mosque in the Olympic zone proposed by the far-right Islamists Tablighi Jamaat.

Martin Sullivan, believe it or not, thinks the petitioners are the irresponsible ones, not the mosque-builders.
"It's not the business of this site to intervene in disputes within the Muslim communities. However, in the current circumstances, if anyone has indeed circulated a petition suggesting that the proposed Abbey Mills Islamic centre could provide a recruiting ground for terrorists, the irresponsibility of that action beggars belief. We also wonder whether the Asif Shakoor who appears to be behind this campaign has any connection with Minhaj-ul-Quran International, an organisation which is linked to a political party called Pakistan Awami Tehrik and is an organisational and ideological opponent of Tablighi Jamaat." [hyperlinks added -B]
Er, so it is irresponsible for ordinary Muslims to distance themselves from supporters of suicide bombing...

More from Western Resistance and A Tangled Web. Of course, what neither the war-on-Islam folks at Western Resistance nor the Islamist fellow travellers at IslamophobiaWatch point out that the Mega-Mosque plans have not even been submitted for planning permission yet. (I think I'm right about that - please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong.)


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