Wikipedia and political blogging

This is from the UK section of Wikipedia's entry on political blogs:

Many political blogs in the United Kingdom frequently publish articles, rumours and news from various angles, or with a general anti-establishment bias. Two of the most influential bloggers are Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes.

Anyone think that should be challenged? What would be good other examples of influential political blogs? (I'm going to tag Bloggers4Labour on this question, as I'm sure the folks there would have an opinion!)

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Anonymous said…
I'm a Wiki editor when I'm not blogging in my spare time.

The section looks OK to me; I don't know of any left-wing blogs that have are close to the popularity of those two. I'd possibly add Tim Worstall to make it three (he has his own Wikipedia page already).
bob said…
Tim W - yep, he should be there. Other Uk political blogs big enough to have wikipedia pages already include Harry, Lenin and Kamm. Don't know if any of them qualify as "influential". (Harry inluenced me - to take up blogging.)
Anonymous said…
I added Tim and Harry's Place, as well as changing the wording of the section slightly (you could have done if you'd wanted - you don't have to be a 'Wikipedian' to make an edit :-) ).
Anonymous said…
Uh, if I'd bothered to check the edit history first I'd have noticed that you do contribute quite regularly to Wikipedia! Apologies.
bob said…
That's great Ian. (I know I could have made the changes myself, but I was interested in seeing what people thought about who are influential bloggers.)

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