Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week is coming up quickly. Here's a couple of things that look good: Bookniks: Postcards From the Unholy Land, with Etger Keret and others (chaired by Keith of Metal Jew); The Illusion of Return - Samir El-Youssef in conversation with Linda Grant (spondored by Peace Oil) [I just got the book as a present from my sister - might review it here when I read it!]; a session on Louis Jacobs, chaired by Engagenik Josh Cohen; Paul Kriwaczek on the Yiddish civilization; the wonderful Howard Jacobson.


I am not going this year. There was nothing that really struck me, and there are too many shmoozers. Jewish Book week has become main-stream! Maybe I browse the book section, but none of the events!

Jim Denham said…
Surely te time has come to honour Philip Roth? Not so much because he's Jewish, but more, hat he's simply a bloody good writer and a humanitarian.
bob said…
Thanks Jim - I'm a big Roth fan, so completely agree!

Daniel - shmoozing: that's what it's all about!

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