Shagya Blob and 9/11 Truth

Because Shagya Blog added me to the blogroll, after a Battle of Lewisham posting, I reciprocated, but just noticed that I mistyped "Shagya Blob" instead, which I've now rectified. Hope no offense was caused!

On Shagya Blog, I found this fascinating link, about the 9/11 Truth Cult, from Larry O'Hara and the folks that brought us Notes From the Borderland. Also on the 9/11 Truth Cult, see this post on Hugo Chavez at ModernityBlog.


Werner said…
This is shagya. No offense was taken about the typo. However I appreciate your courtesy in mentioning this.
Incognito said…
Oh sure, and didn'tcha know the U.S. caused that Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, so we could off a bunch of people in Thailand and Indonesia etc. and then offer them aid so they would like us again...

Not surprising Chavez believes that. He is truly a deluded, power-hungry, narcissist,

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info! You may be intersted in having a look at:

Political Cults: Truthers and NATLFED

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