Ike Turner

Ike Turner was obviously not a nice human being, but what a musician! Jeff Weintraub has a perfectly pitched post about him, and MISB has four fantastic mp3s by Ike and Tina Turner. (I knew Nina Simone’s version of “Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter” but didn’t know the Ike & Tina version).

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Bob's beats artist keywords: Ike Turner, Nina Simone


max said…
20 years ago I first saw "Taking Off" by Milos Forman and for 20 years I wanted to see it again but never managed to get hold of it again. Half-way through the film there's a scene in a club and Ike and Tina are playing. I remember my jaw dropped when I first saw it, 2 weeks ago when I saw it again I kept my jaw i place but only just.

By the way in the autobiography of BB King there's quite a lot on Ike. BB King dealt a lot with him as he first arrived in Memphis, he was really on top of the pile at the time.
The W said…
plenty of updates over at my blog

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