Thursday linktastica

Just a couple of items today. [Updated 11.48 GMT]

I'm putting together a long Bill Ayers post (or "Bill Ayres", as several commentators, including this one) seem to call him. In the meantime, read Katha Pollit, and follow her links here and here. H/t Jogo.

Some good stuff via Matt, whose post on the anti-Zionism/antisemitism equation I'm still meaning to respond to. For example, this from Crooked Timber on Maurice Sendak (as in Where The Wild Things Are) and his Jewishness, and this great Todd Gitlin reply to Bernard Henry Levy and Nick Cohen.

Jim J reports from the conference of Hands Off the People of Iran. I was quite shocked to read that, "in a room with about sixty people only seven of us thought the US trajectory [i.e. Obama's election] was not an upping of the neo-con stakes"; the majority of people there thought that war with Iran is even closer now. It was left to Permanent Revolution - hardly a voice of the Eustonite right! - to point out "likelihood of a new approach from the US which will prioritise diplomatic measures and the possibility of tightening of sanctions over the threat of war". Will I ever stop being shocked at the idiocy of (some sections of) the left?