note to self re Geert Wilders

My list of pending tasks is mounting up: responding to this post from TNC on choosing sides on Gaza, a piece I'm writing in my head on the wildcat strikes, a response to this debate between Ross and Duncan about the BNP, a response to Maps' analysis of the pro-war left... But I can't find the time at the moment.

And now I have a new task: my position on Geert Wilders' banning from Britain. However, Charles Johnson of right-ish Little Green Footballs more or less captures my view.

Oh, and on the wildcat strikes, read this about the BBC apology for framing white workers as racist.


bob said…
Another anonymous posted this, which I've deleted, in order to delete a link to a site I don't want to add traffic to:


"The reason that this dispute has woken the British people is because it's a sudden change rather than a gradual, almost imperceptible attrition. If you look at the way that 'enrichment' has been implemented up to now, it has been a gradual destruction of our way of life - a death by a thousand cuts.

Each cut has been a minor annoyance, but not enough to bring people out on the streets.

- Nobody's actually rioted about the banning of 'Three Little Pigs' or crucifixes.
[Bob adds: The banning of Three Little Pigs - a myth. The reality: a DVD called Three Little Cowboy Builders was removed from an awards scheme shortlist because it might cause offence both to Muslims and builders. It continues to be used in primary schools.]

- People haven't been willing to die in a ditch about the gradual extension of the definition of Politically Incorrect speech.

- Nobody has taken to the barricades when the Union Jack and Flag of St George were deemed 'inappropriate'.

- Families have just had to grin and bear it when they've been pushed to the back of housing waiting-lists to make way for vibrant fast-breeders and their multiple wives."
[Bob adds: Another myth. Councils' housing allocations policies are colour-blind. They prioritise those with most need, whatever colour they are. Not all fast-breeders have dark skins. Number of wives is not part of the council criteria of need.]

BNP bullshit.

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