France today: The black legions on fortune's road

Essential reading: Unlucky roads – Roma in Europe

Please read it.

Also read: Roma Expulsions Continue: La Honte de la France; Why aren’t we talking about Europe’s Roma shame?; When you write about us.

Note: This is not just France, it is also Germany, Hungary, Finland, Italy; the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Britain. In fact, it is the whole of Europe.

Esma singing "Djelem, djelem", the heart-wrenching song which opens Flesh's post.

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Duncan said…
Europe the continent of enlightenment values eh?

There more information on the planned evictions in the UK on Mick Hall's blog:
bob said…
Indeed, Europe may have helped birth Enlightenment values, but its rulers have all too rarely abided by them, either in the colonies or in the heartlands.
Graeme said…
France? Black Legions? So much wasted potential in this post: