Total nonsense

I noticed that I am at 182 in the Total Politic top UK blogs of the year. (Down from 138 last year: what have I done wrong?) Almost no blogs I read in the top 50 - Left Foot Forward at no.3 and Liberal Conspiracy at no.13. I occasionally glance at Hopi Sen, Next LeftThe Staggers and John Rentoul. The next 50 down, however, is full of blogs I read (see below). What does that mean?

51 (41) A Very Public Sociologist
52 (34) The Daily (Maybe)
53 (38) Mr Eugenides
56 (65) Socialist Unity
59 (33) Stumbling & Mumbling
63 (42) David Osler
64 (29) Harry's Place
69 (47) Third Estate
83 (108) Though Cowards Flinch
87 (155) Barkingside 21
96 (178) Alex Massie

And here's my choice from the 100s:

133 (107) Harpymarx
141 Pickled Politics
148 (199) Madam Miaow Says
152 (133) Tory Troll
168 George Monbiot
180 (217) Tabloid Watch
185 (200) Dave Hill's London Blog
187 (160) Rupa Huq
191 (158) Normblog

And from the 200s:

215 Weggis
227 (151) Stroppy Blog
233 (212) James Cleverly AM
234 John's Labour Blog
237 (263) Daily Mash
241 (186) Left Outside
253 (62) Bickerstaffe Record [now mainly at Though Cowards Flinch, so the decline is fair enough]
258 Virtual Stoa [an old blog, but a new entry?]
261 (229) Oliver Kamm [now behind the paywall]
269 Boris Watch


modernity said…
Sorry Bob, had I known I would have been your campaign manager! I am sure you could have made it into the top 150...

I am, er, boycotting Tories, wherever possible, so I missed it when it came around, sorry :)
bob said…
I had no idea you had that sort of power Mod!

The Tory bias, by the way, in the results of the poll are quite striking, which is probably due to the Dale factor - left-wingers don't bother to read Total P*****s.

Dale's analysis is here and apparently the (centre-)left did better this year than last year.
Sarah AB said…
I thought the list seemed to favour blogs with a Westminster focus whereas I suppose I'm more drawn to blogs which discuss a mixture of current party political issues and other social, international and cultural issues - Harry's Place, Pickled Politics, Shiraz Socialist.

Did you post the RCP piece you mentioned you were working on Bob? My feeling about them - in their current manifestation which is perhaps less obviously troubling than earlier ones - is that they hold views which are individually sometimes quite strange (though that doesn't mean I disagree with all of them) and are still stranger taken in combination (very pro abortion/very anti legalising assisted suicide for example if I remember correctly.) The individual pieces can seem refreshing but they get samey and the fact that everyone follows the party line (even though it's a quirky one) is a bit off putting. They are at their best, I think, when writing about an issue which isn't one of their pet hobby horses - for example the Middle East. Some things I've read on Spiked have really stuck in my mind - but it's telling they don't allow comments!