Meme progress report//Quick links

I've been meaning to update on the Influential leftists non-meme. Louise was quick off the starting block, and then Carl and James came up with their lists. Interesting to see the overlaps and contrasts - we all like Evo Morales, but are divided on Norman Geras and Slavoj Zizek, for example. I'm still waiting with baited breath for Phil and Jim. No-one really tagged anyone else, so probably this is dead as a meme, so if you feel like taking it up, please do.

Quick links:

Same as it ever was: the 18th Brumaire and the Tea Party movement.

A tale of two EDL supporters.

Some views on the Taliban from the Pakistani and Afghan left. In particular Farooq Sulehria: Three myths about Taliban (Viewpoint):
„The anti-imperialism currently on display in the Muslim world is symbol rather than substance, signifying a new phase in the relations between two estranged lovers, fundamentalism and imperialism. The anti-imperialism of religious forces thus actually serves imperialism in the current global scenario. It is the anti-imperialism of fools, if at all.“
Sally Berkow: sued for libel for talking sense about immigration.

Karl Pfeifer on the Hungarian far right.

Marko on the Chetniks and the Jews.

I never knew Jackie Wilson was Jewish...

More links here.


Jim Jepps said…
I've half written it - it will happen I promise!
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Good Arrows said…
Probably the greatest Jewish darts player of all time... oh wait you said JACKIE Wilson.