Unqualified support

Please read Terry Glavin's comment here on why we should not be hesitant and qualified in our support of intervention against Gaddafi. And please read his moving "Mohammed Nabbous, A Fallen Comrade: 1983-2011".


Anonymous said…
It's like you forget there was ever a Tony Blair. Surely you won't be fooled again?
Anonymous said…
I am the citizen of Serbia when bombed by Nato in 1999 the country devastated civilians killed economy destroyed then Nato came with its own power to rule the region Madelleine Olbright the state secretary at the time now has biggest private telecom co in Kosovo by the way taken from Serbia as Bernard Kushner the french global masters of evil. Gadafi and Africa Serbia prays for you and your freedom!!!
Anonymous said…
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Roland Dodds said…
Serbian Gaddafi sympathizers and spam. Lovely!
kellie said…
I see Gaddafi has as many supporters in Belgrade as in Tripoli, which is to say not very many.
bob said…
Indeed, the prayers of a Serbian who thinks that "Bernard Kushner" is a "global master of evil" are not much use to either Gadafi's regime or the people who live under his heel.

And it is of course hard to forget there was ever a Tony Blair, though I try.
Anonymous said…
Has there ever been a war that Terry Glavin thought anyone should be hesitant or qualified about? Is it even possible for a professional war-fetishist to be hestiant or qualified in support of a war?

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