Andrew Coates sums up the honourable leftist position on Libya here, and weighs into the chav debate here. // I think I've already linked to Juan Cole on Libya, but I'll do it again anyway. // I haven't looked at False Dichotomies for ages, and am not sure why, because it is excellent, with some fascinating recent material on Kashmir among other things. // New to me: The Arid Zone. // Here's Roland and TNC on postmodernism and the death of solidarity - well worth your time. // Hizballah in America - scary stuff. // Dave Rich on Latuff in the Guardian. // Apologies for the messed up formatting and dissappeared blogroll on the blog. I'll sort it out after the Bank Holiday.


Anonymous said…
You might find this "third party" background interesting:

skidmarx said…
OMG, that's scary stuff.
Jim Denham said…
Apart from the pro-Gaddafi nutters of the WRP, this


must be the worst article about Libya so far.
bob said…
Thanks Jim. In some ways altho less far out than WRP, SA position is more pernicious as they are not considered a joke party in the way WRP is, although they should be.

Totally changing the subject, if you're still here Jim, did you see the David Hare drama with Bill Nighy on telly? Still on iPlayer, called Page Eight. Has an extract from the same Billie/Pres December 57 session we have both previous linked to via YouTube. I'll try and blog about it later if I get time.
Ivan K. said…
Hi. I came to your blog via searching for Chomsky, and found your article What's wrong with Chomsky not half bad. Soon afterwards, browsing around, I found that you're totally deluded about the things I have first-hand knowledge: the Balkans; and some things I have above-average second-hand knowledge: Libya.

It seems there is such a thing as a mind turned facade, and that would be you. Hope our ways never cross again.