Mid-week miscellany

Here's some stuff I've been reading in the past week or so: Martin in the Margins on some of the better 9/11 posts. The Fat Man on John Pilger's abandonment of critical thought. Flesh is Grass on producerism and populism. Richard Landes on Islamism's end times. Peter Whittle on the riots in Woolwich (he blames the left). New Cross blogger Dommy interviews a drug-dealer about the riots. Christopher Caldwell on antisemitism in France (he blames the left too). Nick Cohen on the treachery of Julian Assange. Joseph W on John Mearsheimer on Gilad Atzmon.


Waterloo Sunset said…
Shift have an article about the riots up- http://shiftmag.co.uk/?p=485
levi9909 said…
I haven't even read this post but since Bob from Bunkley has disabled comments to the overtly racist post above this one I am using the nearest available space.

The most interesting blogger that Bob knows, according to Bob has said,

"Jogo, Noga, all those names with G's and O's in them are too much for some.

Is that what's called "essentializing"?"

No, it's what's called coincidence. Jogo and Noga are overtly racist and Bob and most of his "friends" don't appear to mind or notice. He does have a small minority of friends who did notice and so he has had to disable comments to the above post altogether.
bob said…
Comments re-allowed over there now Levi.

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