For the weekend

First, a dose of Coatesism: on the left and the rise of Libyan kleptocracy; on Charlie Hebdo, Islamism, British Liberals and the Left; and on The Zeitgeist Movement and Occupy UK.

Second, Carl Packman on a new book on the BNP and on Hugo Chavez as political farce.

Third, although not breaking news anymore, Ron Radosh on Richard Goldstone's mea culpa.

Fourth, Alan A on "progressive" politics in Britain, relating to some of the things I said here.

Fifth, AWL tube workers say no room for antisemitism in the labour movement.


modernity said…

It seems that Gilad Atzmon, the racist, was once again found in the company of supposed friends of Palestine in Exeter, peculiar?
bob said…
Thanks Mod. Exeter's "friends" of Palestine have form with Atzmon and his ilk. I'll blog about this soon.
modernity said…

I expect some "anti-Zionist" to come up with a convincing argument as to why the Western "supporters" of Palestine so often end up in the company of Jew haters, racists and cranks?

It is more than bad luck, almost habitual.
Sarah AB said…
I listened to some of the talk and Q and A and there did seem to be a couple of people who were opposing Atzmon yet who were, or seemed to be, PSC linked. However, the poster clearly said it was co-hosted by the PSC, not just FoP, and although I have emailed both the Exeter PSC and the main PSC office I have had no response.
Entdinglichung said…
fascists become government members: &