A new magazine and website, Fathom, has been launched, "a new quarterly journal of expert analysis, informed opinion and genuine debate about Israel and the region", and published by BICOM. It's got an interesting editorial board, including editor Alan Johnson formerly of Democratiya (whose archive sadly seems to have dissappeared in the relaunch of the Dissent website), and various decent leftists and neoconservatives, including Paul Berman, Joshua Muravchik and Michael Walzer. Articles so far include these:

Star of David on fire during an anti-Israeli protestDefining antisemitism down by David Hirsh
What kinds of hostility to Israel may be understood as, or may lead to, or may be caused by, antisemitism? One of the ways this relationship is debated, or otherwise contested, is through disputes over how to define antisemitism. In this article I shed some light on the struggles over definition by tracing a brief genealogy… Read More
UK Task Force 2012 field trip participants meet with school children from the Young Business Leadership Programme at Rahat Community Centre
Integrating Israel’s 1.5 million Arab citizens into the workforce is central to the country’s future economic growth. This point was made forcefully by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, authors of the 2009 business bestseller Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, and in the reports produced in advance of Israel’s accession to the OECD… Read More

Michael Walzer is one of America’s foremost political thinkers. A professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey, Walzer’s books include Just and Unjust Wars (1977), On Toleration (1997), and Arguing about War (2004); he has served as editor of the political journal Dissent for more than three decades. He talked to Fathom Editor Alan Johnson.

israelEuropeanLeftIsrael and the European Left by Ezra Mendelsohn
At the heart of this book [by Colin Shindler] lies a paradox. The State of Israel was founded by men and women who identified with the left, socialists of one kind or another who regarded themselves as part and parcel of the world socialist movement. Among their most famous creations were the kibbutz, a model egalitarian society and… Read More

Global Palestine by Philip Spencer
The central argument of this book [by John Collins] is that the question of Palestine is fundamentally a global question, indeed the global question par excellence. It is apparently a profound mistake to think of what has been going on in that part of the world as a conflict between two sides, each with legitimate claims. Read More 


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The Democratiya archives are temporarily down while Dissent transitions to a new website. In the meantime, email editors[AT]dissentmagazine[DOT]org for Democratiya articles and issues.