Tory antisemitim file updates

At the time of the last general election, towards the end of 2019, I wrote a long post on why the Tories are not the anti-antisemitic party. This post briefly updates the Tory antisemitism file.

November 2019: Tory candidate Amjad Bashir suspended over antisemitism
The Leeds NE candidate (previously a UKIP MEP, and a pro-Brexit restauranteur, according to the BBC)  was suspended over remarks made as a UKIP member in 2014, that young British Jews who visit Israel come back as "brainwashed extremists".

January 2020: A Top Boris Johnson Aide Says The UK Will Have A “Special Relationship” With Viktor Orbán’s Hungary After Brexit
Tim Montgomerie praised the "interesting early thinking on the limits of liberalism" by Hungary's authoritarian government

May 2020: Scandal as Michael Gove's fascist bookshelf revealed

While everyone's talking about Michael Gove and David Irving, I found an old article that Michael Gove wrote about David Irving. It gives a real insight into Gove's attitude to Holocaust denial and history more generally.

June 2020: Tories readmit an Aberdeen councillor suspended last year over a a history of antisemitic and Islamophobic internet comments.
Ryan Houghton seemed to suggest that some events around the Nazi regime’s state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews had been “fabricated”.

September 2020: MP's wife Sasha Swire pubishes diary full of upper class casual antisemtism, including from Crispin Blunt.
October 2020: MP Ben Bradley indulges in "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theories.

November 2020: Loads of Tory MPs jump on the "cultural Marxism" train. (See also Vice, JC.)

January 2021: MP Desmond Swayne appears on show of Holocaust deiner Richie Allen

He has form: 

Darran Davies, the Conservative candidate in Charville ward by-election in Hillingdon, shared an offensive Facebook post.

Also read:

Libcom: Conservative anti-Semitism: the strange case of Boris Johnson, Richard Spencer and Gavin McInnes (November 2019) 


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