Reading on the current tragedy in Israel/Palestine

In this post, some links relating to Hamas' Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and the Israeli response. Needless to say, the material linked here comes from a range of perspectives and is contradictory, so I do not endorse the content of every link. It is material that I found thought-provoking, illuminating, salutary, inspiring or otherwise useful. 

I start with position statements by left groups and others, which may be useful if you are looking for a way of articulating a general position. All of them are flawed, but in different ways. Then there are personal reflection, some more analytical and some more emotional. Below that a little bit of analysis. And at the end some calls to action. Within each section, they're reverse chronological, so new material will start at the top of each section. I've bolded the pieces that are most worth your time.

Thanks to Daniel Randall whose collation for AWL of some of them (linked below) was the starting point for this post. I may update with more material. 

Position statements

Personal reflections



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