It's my 19th birthday

Or, more precisely, it's the 19th birthday of this blog. Maybe next year I'll write some kind of reflection on this wild two decade ride (here was what I wrote on the 10th birthday) but for now, some of the reviews I've had over the years. Some of my favourites are in bold.

a slight whiff of Spartishness - Mr Grumpy, 2007

has index carded his record collection. Back in the day he was more of a Charlie Gillett groupie than a John Peel groupie. Been known to not only buy CDs that have been reviewed in the New Internationalist, but he's also been known to listen said CDs voluntarily. - Inveresk Street Ingrate, 2008

Bob From Brockley should have his ankles severed. - Richard Seymour, 2009

his blog ranks as OK rather than outstanding although we're not quite able to put our finger on why. -, 2009

has apparent sympathies for Antifa... identifies himself as a Marxist and states on his profile page that he “supports antifa in combating fascism in both word and action.”- Breitbart, 2017

lynchpin of the principled left blogosphere - Matt Bolton and Harry Pitts, Corbynism: A crtitical approach2018

a relatively influential blogger and tweeter among liberal interventionist types - Ian Sinclair, Morning Star, 2018

Ms Ali-Khan breached the Warby Undertaking and Eady Undertakings by:-  16.1. On 9 December 2017 publishing or causing to be published online, by way of retweeting a tweet from the Twitter user “Bob from Brockley”, a tweet entitled “NEW POST: Eight reasons Galloway shouldn’t be allowed back into Labour” which linked to a blog which contained various allegations against Mr Galloway, including that he “belonged on the far right”, was “a rape apologist”, a “bully” and a “shill for dictators”. - George Galloway's lawyer, 2018

has the patience of a saint - Josie Ensor, 2019

The Telegraph’s [Josie] Ensor has also suggested in a tweet that her followers should follow “Bob from Brockley” who is a fervent supporter of the ‘opposition’ to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and strong opponent of those journalists and antiwar activists who dare to reveal the deliberate regime change nature of the conflict in Syria.- Sheila Combes, 21st Century Wire, 2019

a supporter of the Syrian opposition in the Syrian conflict and refers to militant groups in the Idlib province, all of which are now affiliated with the terror group al-Nusra Front (now Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), as “moderate Islamist” groups - Whitney Webb, MintPress, 2019

advances an anarcho-neoconservative ideology, obsessively attacking left-wing anti-war journalists and scholars as “Stalinists” while aggressively supporting Western regime-change efforts in China, Russia, Syria, Libya, and beyond. BobfromBrockley even defends US-backed Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó, while echoing right-wing propaganda demonizing elected President Nicolás Maduro. - Ben Norton, The Grayzone/GlobalResearch, 2020

promotes political violence, so long as it is only used against “fascists” and “Nazis” (oh, and anyone against the Israeli state…like many Jews, he is a fervent supporter of Israel). - Ian R Millard, former barrister, 2020

hails from Lewisham, has an iPhone, likes obscure music and Marxist authors, listens to Resonance FM and eats bagels with cream chees. - Philip Watson, 2020 

that irritating and unpleasant Jew... basically a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish account on Twitter, though posing as “socialist” and pro-Labour Party, specializing in the pathetic and outworn slogans of the “socialist” past: “non pasaran!”, “Never Again!“, “Venceremos!” etc. - Ian R Millard, 2021

Full-time neocon online troll..., pro-Israel advocate and regime-change lobbyist - Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton, The Grayzone, 2021

notorious Jew Twitter-troll... with a fake “socialist” tinge. - Ian R Millard, 2023

Jew-Zionist fanatic [who] seems to spend much of his time “reporting” or denouncing non-Jews (almost exclusively) to anyone who might listen. - Ian R Millard, 2023

far-right Svoboda-linked activist - Ivan Katchanovski, 2023


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