I'm going to get around to adding to my list. There's currently a very interesting piece on the legacy of Cesar Chavez and a good post on the dissenting leftists Cohen and Hitchens. Jonathan Derbyshire and Paul Anderson also discuss this topic on their excellent blogs, which I also ought to add to my list.

A welcome to the Axis of Bob for Bandon Bits of Brilliance.

ADDED: Grim Reaper at SkyscraperCity Forums cites me about Convoys.

From Bloggers4Labour, notice of a new American democratic socialist blog, Fist and Rose.

I've stumbled upon Stumble Upon - relatively effortless sub-blogging activity. It's given me, for example, Mark Twain and the Dreyfus Affair,, Levittown, Pa.: Building the Suburban Dream, The Official Muddy Waters Website and The Makhnovists on the National and Jewish Questions.


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