South London blog round-up

This is kind of a weird one. Some gems from Brin's Blog: The 94 bus and the 47 bus.

This is one I'm adding to the Sarf London links on the right - Viewfinder - some nice SE London photography, including the Brockley skyline. More photography: Deptford creek industry at night.

This one is a bit off-topic but had a nice sentence: bleep bloop: Trains Pt. 3: "In the centre of the floor of this room were dozens of grimy conceptual pushchairs. Like Lewisham Centre's playground come 3.30, only dirtier. " (Also: SE Chip shop and There was a woman on the bus with 10 rings on.)

This one is not a blog, but a forum, about one of South London's greatest institutions: Free A3 - The unofficial Alabama3 forum & home of the Converted

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Dropmeout said…

If you're from South London, you may find this site interesting

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