Quick raid 2

Republic of letters

HNN: The Christian Left's Vision (Remember Woody Guthrie?)

The bombing of Dresden

Strange bedfellows: Thomas Lacquer on sex after fascism

Appreciating Pynchon (DeLillo, Eugenides, et al)

What's the Matter with Indymedia?

Andrew O’Hagan : A City of Prose (After the London bombings)

Letter From Spain: Modernity encroaches on Europe's Islamic past

Johann Hari: We need policy wonks, not corporate pimps

NB: I have updated the columnist links to the lower right - lots of them were out of date. Toyed with removing Mad Melanie Phillips, but decided to keep her. Some day soon I'll add some more or rotate a bit! for the moment, I've just added an unofficial Julie Burchill website and Ian Baruma's NYRB page.

The blogosphere

neo-neocon: Why bloggers love Orwell

New look for Oliver Kamm since I last looked. Check The new reactionaries (fisking the SWP)

NB: I regularly rotate my list of blogs on the right, to keep it getting too long. Recently added include Baggage Reclaim, HungryBlues (which I found at JRants), Myopic Thoughts and The Radical Centrist.

I've also added, down at the bottom right, a blogmap from feedmap .net, something I came across at Slightly lost in the world.

Sarf London

Transpontine: Deptford, Opium and the East India Company


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