JANIP is the relatively new Jewish Academic Network for Israeli-Palestinianpeace, a cooperative project of Meretz USA and Ameinu. The Jewish Academic Network for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (JANIP) is being created to bring together scholars, teachers, and administrators who reject the increasingly polarized debate surrounding the Palestinian–Israeli conflict.

News from their site that Ilan Pappe is coming to the UK... Watch this space.


Anonymous said…
My question (which I believe to be pertinent) is: why are there always more Jewish scholars, teachers, etc. who PUBLICLY "reject the increasingly polarized debate surrounding the Palestinian–Israeli conflict" than Palestinian scholars, teachers, etc.?

As long as this sharp and dramatic asymmetry persists, all this JANIP-type stuff is ridiculous.
bob said…
Good point.

But surely it is important to reach out to those Palestinians who do? And to increase the space everywhere where people can think the issues through without falling too quickly into recriminations and rage?

I find all too few moments when I can talk about Izzy-Pal without the person I'm talking to getting irrationally angry because I'm too "pro-Israel" or too "anti-Israel". We need to defuse that rage.

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