The three-way fight - us, them, and them

Via Will, I read this long and thoughtful piece by Mike of the Sojourner Truth blog called "Challenges to Capitalism, Challenges for the Left: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the Three Way Fight". I don't agree with all of it, but this is an important perspective. He is an anti-capitalist, who weighs up the dangers of "bi-polarity", an us-and-them, with-us-or-against-us attitude that pervades the left today: either US "imperialism" or Islamist "resistance". He identifies the Euston Manifesto and the pro-Israel wing of the Anti-German movement as following this polarity too far in one direction [and perhaps Engage do too...], while the "anti-imperialist" current dominant in the left goes the other way [his example is Left Turn, plenty more examples here and here].

Read it!

And there's lots more of interest on the blog and its companion, the Sojourner Truth Organisation archive.

The post also put me on to some other sites: the Three-Way Fight blog, where Mike also contributes; Oread Daily; and Democracy and Hip Hop.

Max Dunbar of Adbusters has come to similar conclusions, and his article, "In Search of New Comrades", is well worth reading. (Found via DLL and Transmontanus).


Anonymous said…
Hey there,

Thanks for the plug. My talk has garnered a lot of criticism, so it's nice to hear someone who doesn't fully agree with it describe it as "thoughtful" and "important".

Also, browsing your blog I find that you had previously mentioned a piece my partner and I wrote about Venezuela back in 2005 ("Of Chavistas and Anarquistas").

Anonymous said…
Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I liked the graphic you chose for this post. Capitalism continues to amaze me with its ability to commodify, and with its ability to make me want things that I have absolutely no need for!