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More on the NUJ boycott of Israel

U.S. Reps. Gary Ackerman, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, and Shelley Berkley (both Democrats), have written against the National Union of Journalists' decision to boycott Israel. They said: "it would be extremely unfortunate" if the organization was boycotting Israel to appease Palestinian terrorists who kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston in Gaza last month. "Such behavior would only beget more violence". [Source] The Gazette in Montreal has also come out against the NUJ boycott. (But lose a little credibility by calling the NUJ the BUJ.)

Engage are leading the fight against the NUJ boycott. NUJ members can sign up to fight the boycott here.
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By the way, if it is true that the Israel boycott motion was supported as an act of appeasement in aid of Alan Johnston, it is interesting that the Palestinian journalists union (the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate) have called for a boycott, not of Israel, but of the Palestinian Authority (PA), until Johnston is freed. (See WAFA, NUJ, JP, IPC.) Meanwhile, the PA and Hamas militia are using violence against the journalists. (See RSF, Xinhua, IndiaeNews.)

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Sean Gannon in Ha'aretz on the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign's (IPSC) 'recent success in persuading Ireland's official arts association, Aosdna, to pass a resolution urging Irish artists to "reflect deeply" before engaging in any cooperation with state-sponsored Israeli cultural events and institutions'. Lucid analysis.

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Trade Union Friends of Israel's letter to the
Guardian on the boycott's empty gesture politics.

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Journalists' partnership with Hezbollah (via Jogo)

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