Greens Engage/Antisemitism real and imagined/Jews and shoes

If you read this ("Friends of the Earth") at Harry's Place, please immediately go and read this ("Friends of the Earth Middle East impersonated by Anti-Zionists") at the excellent Greens Engage website. Oh and while you are there, re-read Kellie's excellent piece of prose "Gaza - whose fault?". And then stay long enough to read this by Mira on Abed Rabu’s case and what it means.

I've been spending time at Reading the Maps lately. I have some responses to make to Comrade Maps' comments in a couple of my posts. In the meantime, read this, and follow the fascinating comments thread. Well, don't follow it all the way as it gets quite tedious about half-way through (but feel free to jump to my contribution comment no.41!).

Finally, I know I've been down on the London Review of Books lately, but I want to recommend this article by Jenny Diski to Noga and any other Jewish shoe-lovers who might be among my readers.


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