A song in remembrance of appalling loss. For Holocaust Memorial Day.

Added: Martin M, linking to Peter' post, writes:
To assault the Jews is to assault civilisation and life; the eruption of the Satanic principle last time, and its toxic outworking of the poisons built up throughout the European mind, proved it. And, guess what, Adolf? They are still here and still singing. They will so long as human beings exist, and then some.
A comment at his post takes us to the wonderful Sephardic Music site, which I strongly recommend.

Added 2: Alternate YouTube links for Savina Yannatou singing "El Rey de Francia", h/t Jogo: 1, 2. Jogo sez:
This is one of the greatest classic songs of the Sephardim. I have it and others on David Saltiel's magnificent CD. You should buy the CD for the excellent booklet that it comes with. Saltiel is not a concert Sephardic singer. He is not even a "recording artist." He is the real thing, a down-home Thessalonika Sephardic uncle. Here is a review of Saltiel's CD.
ADDED 3: Now read Noga's lovely post here, on her Salonika in-laws, rembetika fans.

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