The war between Israel and Hamas

I guess I've remained silent on this blog about the terrible conflict in Gaza and southern Israel so far. This is because I really don't know what to think.

So, here are some of the blog posts and opinion pieces I found compelling.


Anonymous said…
You don't say!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry! That was flippant and rather boorish.

Thanks for the links. I shall make it a point to go through at least some of them.

I see though that many of those are from neocons. May I try to provide some balance here by suggesting the following as well:
1) Alastair Crooke's "Our second biggest mistake in the Middle East";
2) Why the Gaza calm crashed;
3) this 'debate' between Martin Indyk and Norman Finkelstein;
4) Lest We Forget, a very troubling listing of events in the region for some sort of background; and
5) Gaza: historical amnesia.
"I see though that many of those are from neocons. "

Is this supposed to be an improvement on "flippant and boorish"?
Anonymous said…

an excellent collection of articles. i would add 3 more:

norm geras' response to a piece by nir rosen in the guardian

an update on that mideast peace rally in new york city that orthodox anarchist helped to organize

and the statement on gaza from the iwt
Roland Dodds said…
A great set of links Bob. Thanks for the heads up.
bob said…
Gene, I'll click your links in a moment, but let me just take issue with your claim that "many of those [my links] are from neocons". Unless you are using "neocon" as a code-word for "Jew", you can't have clicked on any of them. Terry Glavin: a social democrat. George Szirtes: a leftist who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Orthodox Anarchist: er, an anarchist. David Hirsh: a cosmopolitan Marxist. David Rosenberg: an anti-Zionist socialist. Eric Lee: a veteran trade union activist. Michael Walzer: a democratic socialist. Jeffrey Goldberg: OK, I don't know anything about him; maybe he's a neocon; he does after all have a Jewish name. Charles Lenchner: a peacenik. Bernard Henri Levy: well, still calls himself a left-winger. International Marxist Tendeny: ultra-left communists. Jewish Labor Committee: trade unionists. The Forward and Thomas Freidman: liberal. Rumi: Sufi mystic. Lisa Goldman: hardcore peacenik.

What, Gene, is neocon about them?
Anonymous said…
You might also find the (pretty nuanced in my view) Libcom article on "Antisemitism and the Left" of interest-
Anonymous said…
There's also this from an Israeli member of the ultraleft-

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