New year welcomes

I have noticed a couple of new blogrolls I have joined.

Well, thanks, and happy new year to all of you. Blogroll additions/amendments to follow.

And happy new year to all the rest of my (oh, so many) readers. And, in particular, to those who have linked to me, created conversations in the comments boxes, and sent me blog fodder, such as Arieh, Jogo, Waterloo Sunset, Andrew, Noga, TNC, FiG, Transpontine, Kellie, Jim & the other Shiraz Socialists, Graeme, Will & the other Sots, Snoopy, Roland, Jams, and those who have momentarily slipped my mind.


kellie said…
And a very happy new year to you too. Your combination of political commitment and friendly warmth has been a very happy discovery for me, as has been some of the music. I keep promising myself to work back through more of the music posts... Here's to more best days and some financial security for you in 2009.
bob said…
Thanks for kind words!
Anonymous said…

I feel like a proper Internets pundit now. ;-)
jams o donnell said…
A belated happy New Yearr Bob, I hope to complete one resolution shortly - the last part of the Red Cushing trilogy

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