Weblog Awards 2008

The Weblog Awards are, as usual, a dull and pointless affair. A couple of categories this year have blogs worth voting for however.

In the "UK Blogs" category, I will not (unlike Phil) be voting for last year's winner, Neil Clark, who may be less distasteful than Melanie Phillips but should not be seen as in any way a representative of progressive politics. Recent weeks, for example, have seen him relatavising and minimising the Holocaust by comparing Israel's actions in Gaza to the mechanised mass murder of millions and saluting authoritarian thug Hugo Chavez.

Instead, of course, I voted for the wonderful Olly's Onions, currently trailing somewhat, although thankfully ahead of Ian Dale.

Like Phil, though, I voted for Madame Miaow in the "culture blogs" category.

In the "religion blogs" category, I voted for Dervish, for this post and this post.

In the "Middle East or Africa" category (not exactly sure if it should be), I voted for Michael Totten. Although if I'd realised he was winning so handsomely, I might have voted for the Elder of Ziyon.

Polls close Tuesday. You can vote every 24 hours, if you feel so inclined.


Madam Miaow said…
Cheers, Bob.


Anonymous said…
Thank you kindly :) Shalom and salam!
Renoir said…
Bless you, Bob.

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