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Israel, Gaza and Hamas

(Note: I have posted more than one links to Socialist Unity in this series, but I am disgusted that they publish, without editorial comment, statements from Hamas (1,2) and a cartoon by Latuff, the antisemitic cartoonist lauded by Iranian Holocaust deniers. What next, publishing BNP press releases?)


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Anonymous said…
That Slugger O'Toole article made my blood boil. I know a few people who associate with eirigi - and up until now I hadn't thought the worse of them for it. But harassing workers? Making a few of them cry? Gumming up M&S? I'd have f*cking punched them. March workers out on strike against the policies of capital, don't make them the victims of our protests. I'm so angry right now; the eirigi lot I know have got some interesting voice mails or messages from me right now.
Anonymous said…
again, another good series of links. here's one from the platypus group in the us you should also take a look at. it discusses just how cynical and depoliticized the arguments over gaza have become.

what i find so upsetting in the current situation is the extent to which large sections of the left seem to be basing itself more and more on a kind of ressentiment, bad faith and infantilization. we certainly don't seem to be offering a way forward at the moment. and yeah, that video on slugger o'toole's blog was as enraging as it was disgusting.

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