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Via Jogo, an interesting tiff reported on David Horowitz's blog here.


I understand Horowitz's position about the re-printing - neither forum is profit-making - but this is an example of something I hate about FrontPage. The articles written for FrontPage are written for FrontPage; that's straightforward. But it also publishes a considerable amount of material from other sources. Effectively, it acts as a blog, but saving you the trouble of clicking on the link. But it doesn't portray itself as a blog - it looks like the articles were written for FrontPage, or, at the very least, that permission was given. Why can't it just give a link? In fact, it doesn't give a link at all, so the reader can't verify the source without searching it out. And FrontPage routinely changes the titles of articles, which might be OK if the author gave permission, but that makes it even harder to track down the original, as well as adding an editorial slant which skews one's reading of the article. So: I'd be angry if I were Albert Vetere Lannon or if I were Historia Actual On-Line.

(Original article by Lannon at Historia Actual On-Line here.)

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