As Soon As This Pub Closes

Found my way from Hak Mao to Comrades Reunited. I'm not sure if I'm part of this demographic, as I cannot claim a "fierce Labour Party loyalty". But I was a member of the Young Socialists back in the day (branch chair I think) (moving way to the left as the John Smith years wore on), but these are three of the core values of this blog:
- A strong commitment to post war solidarity with Iraq
- Disgust at the "anti-imperialist" left
- A growing unease at creeping leftwing anti-Semitism

Other former comrades: Richard of bagrec, David T and Mugged By Reality.

P.S. A prize for the first person to post to comments with the correct answer to the why I've entitled this post "As Soon As This Pub Closes".


Akaky said…
Ummmmmmmmmmmmm....does the revolution start after the publican says, closing time?
bob said…
Well, that is true Akaky, but I was looking for something more specific...
Anonymous said…
This pamphlet?

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