The wisom of Salman Rushdie

Butterflies and Wheels transcribes Rushdie on the BBC Today programme, on Muslim 'leaders' and the Islamic 'community'.

ADDED 3 September:
Just found this Obligatory Rushdie celebwatch at Kitabkhana:
Salman Rushdie is:
a) in form, sort of back, maybe, maximum ophul...
b) overanalysed, says Amit Chaudhuri, who squeezes a review in somewhere along the line
c) tired of being a celeb
d) playing scrabble (or, as this story from The Guardian suggests, Twister?) with Kylie Minogue (damn. Now the Babu and the Partner both have reasons to hate Salman chacha; one worships Bono, the other leers at Kylie, and it's kind of galling to know that Rushdie's met both while we haven't met either. PS: Did Kylie make more triple word scores, the partner wants to know.)
e) at the centre of the Satanic Limericks outrage. (Ok, just kidding, it's the Rockall Times having fun.)
While we're here, Kitabkhana also notes important news about writer Orhan Pamuk's defiance of the official Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide. (Link to Kitabkhana via Chapati Mystery, reached via Reality Cafe, which I've recently added to the blogroll. As you'll see in the comments, the Cafe's blogger Raven is reading Rushdie's Shalimar the Clown.)


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