Judeosphere on disgusting anti-semitic filth published by the Daily Kos in the guise of a critique of political correctness, corporate sponsorship and neo-con conspiring at Yale.


bob said…
I was going to delete the above comment, but then decided their was something kind of appropriate about the juxtaposition of a post about anti-semitic filth (pornography for paranoids is the phrase an old friend of mine used about conspiracy theory) with Playboy...
bob said…
Jogo - quite correctly - e-mails me this:

As for DailyKos -- you may already know this -- it is not a marginal blog. It is not "one man's opinion w/ fan club," like Andrew Sullivan. Kos is very big, very much a part of the Left side of things here, and considered not at all "extreme" by its fans. If any one blog can be considered the voice of the American
Left it is Kos.

If you see it in Kos ... well, it's official.

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